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Patna Riverfront Revitalization/ Public Outreach Publication

                       “Think Gurugram/ Gurgaon: Taking an Un-pixelated view of the Gaon” opinion article in Hindustan Times daily, April 22, 2017

                        “Creating a Civic Realm: Ganga Riverfront Revitalization” Focus on Practice, TEKTON – A Journal of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning Volume 3 Issue 2, Sept 2016

                              Published by Pillai School of Architecture, Navi Mumbai


                       “Think Delhi” Urban Observer: A biannual Journal on Cities by Urban Design Collective, UDC Chennai 2015

                        “Lines of Thought- Observations and Provocations” Journal of Landscape Architecture LA Journal Issue 42/ 2015

                       “Drawings and Future Cities”, Journal of Landscape Architecture LA Journal Issue 42/ 2015

                        “Dillinama-A narrative of Delhi/ Review “ of the exhibition on Delhi by Delhi Urban Arts Commission/DUAC, Architecture + Design, Vol XXVIII No 2 Media Transasia, India, Feb 2011

                        “Conversation with Pritzker Prize Winner Thom Mayne” , Architecture + Design Vol XXIII No 12 , Media Transasia, India, December 2006

                        “Redline School District” LA NOW Volume 2, University of California Press May 2002
Co-authors: Jae Kwon/ Andrew Scott and Peter Kimmelman , Editor: Juliana Morais and Thom Mayne

                     “Emergent logics for a Metropolis”  UIA ATLAS digital contribution for UIA 2002 held at Berlin Germany

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