Elements Urban lab

Element Urban Lab is a cross disciplinary research and practice platform that explores the city with respect to the environmental pressures faced. It aims to bridge academic, research and the professional field and bring civic leaders and policy makers face to face with the most important design decisions for a climate resilient city. The five focus area are:

Heat City: Heat Island effect, extremme heat and cold conditions

Water City: Flowing conditions, recharge conditions and storage

Food City: Seasonal and nutrition

Air City: Wind and Ventilation, Pollution

Greens/ Earth City: Biodiversity 

2016- Extreme Pollution Spike/ Orange
2017/ Element Urban Lab- Air City1 @ SPA Delhi
2017/ Element Urban Lab- Air City 2 @ SPA Delhi
2018/ Element Urban Lab- 5 elements City @ SPA Delhi
2018/ Visit to Potsdam Climate Change Insititute, Germany
2019/ Element Urban Lab- 5 elements City @ SPA Delhi
2019 Extremme Heat Wave North India 

Project Links
Urban Resilience Advisory
Varanasi Landscape Restoration 

Contact: elementurbanlab@gmail.com



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